3rd July 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

it is now the 3rd of July 2011 it has been a real nice sunny day, the medium Sylvia made attempts to sit outside, but it did not last long, too many insects flying about, became annoying, so she was forced back in doors to sit. she sat outside short time, then in the lounge, and lastly in the old seance room alone, it has been a very positive evening for the sitting, lovely calm, atmosphere which brought through spirit in transfiguration, and the et was surrounding her at times moving in to her in small light forms, the out door pictures the camera was not set properly on stand to see the medium head or body in full shot, the images in lounge you see the medium more, the healing list has been received ready for Monday, the spirit team are aware now of the people who are in need of healing, for those they can help, they will.Take a look at the images below.



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