4th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment Meditation sitting mysterious Circle

It is now the 4th July 2011, for the people in the USA happy 4th July, this morning Sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle was not sure whether to sit or do something different, well rather than feel like just clean house which she been doing since early morning, she took a break and sat for about 17 minutes, she combined the sitting with music, sitting in the chair and standing up, at times danced, been a good positive morning, uplifting, strong connection felt in the seance room with the spirit people, been a fun morning, hope the day stays nice as this evening will be healing night sitting, have a look below at the images for this morning. The macaw is a fureal bird not a real bird. sometimes spirit people take an interest in the bird. some images may contain the mediums higher self.

evening sitting Healing seance Room:

it  has been a very positive sitting  Chris the circle leader is present, the medium Sylvia sits for physicalmediumship, communication come through from Tommy , jack DE la amour. before the sitting fully began the fully charged camera shut down after 7 minutes so another camera had to be started up in it place, during the sitting the music was playing on low volume, a song suddenly got stuck on repeating a word, it kept saying Russel brown, at times Chris wanted to switch off the player but spirit would not allow, the name repeated then in between the word sorry came in, jack came in and spoke about Russel brown who is alive and wrote a message about of new parliament, leader on the way to your Parliament, who will take over leadership soon, and before it happens many catastrophes to occur that will be very unpleasant to people in the country.Healing took place, lots of healing been sent to many people on healing list and others in world, including Jennie, it has been quiet powerful, things in room at times got phenomenally affected but not in a negative way, it has all been good. we will keep check on the information given, jack was a coal miner and tin miner he passed away under ground in 1859.Malissa McIntyre passed away 1849 she loved carpentry however could not be a carpenter as women was not able to do men's work and if attempted ended up in a place where no one would want to go, she is now turning things, wool, cotton etc. the medium has also received healing in her body, hands was placed in different areas of her body helping her also from problems that are hidden in glands.

Daytime sitting seance Room:



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