7th july 2011 major break through in mysterious circle sitting

it is the morning of 7th July 2011, since waking up this morning the medium of mysterious circle was questioning and doubting her own mediumship big style, Why? she has dedicated so much time and effort sitting since she returned back to sitting in January, getting many spirit people and other life forms of existence through on the video recordings, she felt maybe no one believes in the mediumship, to a point this morning, she asked a question, would a family member appear, to help get rid of doubt in her own mind, she was at a stage of giving up completely. suddenly she was made a ware to get more light in the seance room, she did just that, she put 2 cameras on and sat alone while the video cameras recorded. to her surprise she never expected what was going to appear, many different faces came through, some one she knew very well in deed appeared, her auntie Sylvia. this was proof in itself to her, that the video recordings are genuine, her auntie is her auntie, and she is ever so grateful that she came through as they was very close.take a look below at the images that came through this morning. and take a look at a picture of Sylvia's auntie and compare to the spirit face.

Evening sitting seance room: 

the evening sitting only lasted 16 minutes, the camera was shut down by spirit people, they did not want the medium sitting much more tonight, they felt she needed sleep as she is going through a sensitive time in her life. what images have been posted are showing spirit appearing at times when medium was putting the  cabinet material around the poles at sides, this interested them to, other images appering with medium in chair, not a lot can be said, but special preparations are being made ready for Sunday. the medium now retires to her bed. enjoy

Morning Meditation sitting seance Room:
some images contain the mediums higher self who helps bring through other life forms of existence

Auntie appears in the morning sitting

Sylvia's aunt how she was before she passed

the mediums mothers face appearing on forehead



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