8th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle Sitting

It has been a busy day for the medium, her last night to sit until Sunday, 8th July 2011,it has been a mixed sitting with positive results, spirit world art has been done Rochelle McIntyre, picture below for you to see, phenomena of two kinds occurred, Chris ignored the rules of not to walk in front of camera during the filming, phenomena occurs some one appears in the cabinet next to the medium, and also higher self of medium, then during the spirit world art, spirit bring in the wet wipes to wipe the mediums hands, look at both video clips below. looking forward to meeting art tomorrow and spending a full week of sitting, this should be a week he will not forget.

Video'S : click the links to view

mysterious circle big spirit experiment 8th july 2011

mysterious circle big spirit experiment 8th july 2011 part 1

spirit materialize own utensil

phenomena occurs during the spirit world art, spirit bringing in to the medium the wet wipe to clean hands

during the sitting, the rule is do not walk in front of the camera during filming, Chris seems to ignore this rule, and phenomena occurs the vortex allows life forms of existences in and out, some one appears next to the medium in the cabinet

spirit world art Rochelle Macintyre



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