Live Camera Shows spirit and Transfiguration 13th July 2011 Mysterious Circle

You never know what your going to get until it happens, on the 13th July 2011 the mysterious circle had a special guest sitter from the Netherlands called Art, sit for a full week in the sittings, on the wednesday he was in the room when the Live Camera took place plus on line viewers watched the live sitting. the medium had no time in the week to check the recordings properly, until Saturday the day Art goes home, she felt inspired to look at the recorded video on the Justin TV site, she was surprised what she found. The Sitting on Live camera did record the spirit people, phenomena and transfiguration. This is a positive step that the Live camera is now getting fantastic results while viewers are watching. Spirit people are getting more content with there work, the night the live camera took place phenomena occurred where viewers experienced some technical problems on occasions, yet the spirit work can be that strong it can sometimes affect the broadcast. there will be a post of this live camera on this site for you to see of the live camera recordings you can see soon.
It is strongly advised before watching the Spirit transfiguration and phenomena etc in action you must only watch if you are strong in MIND, BODY & SPIRIT and are not in fear. The Spirit People are determined to get any one who says they cannot see spirits when sitting face to face with a medium, they want to get them to see, and it all is developing positively for them.
Thank You

MYsterioUS Circle



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