Mysterious Circle The great outdoors Big spirit experiment 24th july 2011

24th July 2011
wow it is a lovely Sunday morning and the sun is shining, this morning Sylvia the medium of mysterious circle sat for meditation outside in the garden and many spirit and other life forms of existence came through very clear to see in transfiguration, this has been a very strong and positive connection, in a nice calm and peaceful atmosphere, so today if the medium can get to another historical location it will definitely be a great day to film out doors watch this space for that update and also this evenings sitting, take a look below at those who appeared in the meditation sitting.

forgot to mention what happened to Chris and Sylvia during visiting other locations, driving in the car in the countryside they spotted 4 cars in a line, car three was metallic bright green, Chris stopped so the cars could pass by, still looking on they could see all 4 cars another obviously car 4 behind car three the metallic green car, the cars started moving in to our direction, and they counted out loud the cars, one passed, two passed, damn car three disappears in front of there eyes and car four passes by them, car three was a spirit car, it was solid to see, yet vanished in a blink of an eye and there was no corners for that car to turn off in to another direction, if they could of got that car on camera that would of been something else, spirit world still uses materials the same as us in this life, what an amazing experience that was.
Evening Sitting:

it has been a real positive day all round, this evening sitting nearly never happened, glad it happened, spirit world art was drawn not co loured in, black and white picture, a woman called Luce came through the sitting shivering as cold, spoke in written text of her going missing and passing in snow and ice her body never found and that stalybridge canal a place she still is at. Tommy spoke, the sitting did not last a long night, as Tommy said to Chris that medium now needs rest as lots of spirit people have worked her today. Take a look below at the transfiguration's and materialization in the images below, some images contain the mediums higher self who work with spirit people guiding them in to the sittings.

Luce who came through shivering said she passed in snow and ice, went missing her body never found she mentioned stalybridge canal

Afternoon Sitting other Locations:

this afternoon the medium and family set out for a nice drive and rather than go to a castle or abbey etc, they went to a river not far from gunnerside then to another location further up that had an old tunnel possibly mine shaft that was blocked off, the medium was surprised in how much she was picking up at these locations, yet she was in for a nice surprise in the tunnel at the last location.
some images contain the mediums higher self that walk with her and help bring through other life forms of existence to be seen, spirit also appear and especially in the tunnel possibly mine shaft

the medium was alone in this tunnel, is she?

Morning Meditation sitting:

many faces appearing from the slavery era and possibly roman era to medieval times, and other life forms of existence.

medium dematerializes another face appearing a eye is visible, next to the eye is another life form of existence appearing in black helmet

medium is completely taken over by 2 different spirit people and of a darker skinned race, possibly 2 slaves of the past

2 darker skin spirit people possibly from slavery times

medium is fading out whilst other life form of existence appearing


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