MYsterious Circle Very Special Guest Sitting has completed for the week 16th july 2011

14th July 2011 Easby Abbey, Art is present witnessing the mediums mediumship

It is now the end of a full week sittings with our guest sitter art, he has had an experience of sittings he shall never forget and we as the mysterious circle want to say, we shall never Forget art, he is a lovely person, and for the time he has spent with us has been special. He has seen things with his own 2 eyes that in his own words he can express himself to you, and who knows, maybe one day, other people may want to experience these sittings face to face to, and realize that the after life and other worlds of existence are there and is special, the mysterious circle is very grateful that they are able to share with the world on this site that other life forms of existence are real and are around us all. VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ART, WE SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU HUGS xxx Sylvia & Chris and Spirit team of MYsterioUS Circle
P.S not all posts are finished, will add more pictures to them over the weekend


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