10th August 2011 Live Camera broadcast Mysterious Circle Private Sitting


it is live camera broadcast, what a fabulous sitting for 10th august 2011, 3 cameras on, 1 webcam, 2 video camera, circle leader Chris is present and the medium Sylvia, online viewers watch in the private sitting the broadcast, half way through the sitting the transmission became a very powerful moment when the ET came through and spoke and appear, before that communication came in from spirit people and also Tommy, spirit world art also had been completed during the live broadcast. not all sound came through for viewers however we still have the audio on the other cameras for you to still hear we will sort that out as soon as we can. Not all still shot images are on the post, there are still more to add which will be added tomorrow, for those of you who missed the broadcast you can still access it on Justin TV the full broadcast is there, the amount of spirit and ET that appeared through the vortex was marvelous and the phenomena also.  thank you to those who have supported the circle and have witnessed the live broadcasts for them selves. those who lost part transmission know how strong the ET are yet they do get seen and heard, more will be added here tomorrow.In some images for the justin tv there are ET heads appearing behind the medium on wall there eyes are black, these ET are special they are able to grow at any height tiny or large, they work alongside the higher life forms of existance, and visit the medium even when she not sitting.
Justin TV live camera Broadcast Images:
ET small head with black eyes on top part of chair on the wall
ET small head with black eyes on top part of chair on the wall
Images from video camera at distant level:
Close Up images from video camera that inside the cabinet:


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