11th August 2011 Mysterious Circle Sits for Big Spirit Experiment Meditation


it is now the 11th August 2011, the mysterious circle sit for meditation, the circle leader Chris was not present only the medium, she communicated with the spirit team and ET and thanked them all for all there hard work and efforts in what they are achieving and sharing with many people all over the world, when communication was final she meditated and channelled as much positive thought out in to the world, for healing and also to Maurice and jenny and others on the healing list to. She also prayed for peace and hope in the world, after the sitting she checked the video recording, and was amazed on the first image coming in of a man very clear to see leaning forward from the mediums chair, he has a full beard and moustache and is looking at the camera, many spirit faces came through and materialization, take a look below at the wonderful work the spirit team are achieving coming through, always remember any posts we put up, if you recognize any one you know, let the circle know. Still waiting on more up dated news on the missing pet to, the spirit detectives have not forgotten.

male spirit appears with full beard and mustache looking at camera, the medium behind is also transfiguring to a younger male, Do you recognize him? if you do let the circle know

In the mediums forehead appears a full face smiling



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