12th August 2011 mysterious Circle Sitting for Meditation transfiguration dance

It is the last day of the week for the mysterious circle sitting until Sunday, it is now 12th August 2011 the medium sits alone, it has been a very upsetting and stressful day for the medium words that can not describe yet sometimes things have to come to fruition to be able to understand situations in how and why they happen. THE ET yes the ET are vastly around her and inside her, this is what it is all about, another species another life form of existence in the universe around everyone and especially those who are blind to them. The mystery is over and it is time for the truth of the inner and outer universe to unite as one properly with out clashing in this atmospheric world of material gain many live in, the power and the sources are the universal life's supply being drained away, what is important for it to survive is to let it flourish in its own resources to stay alive, this has been a very difficult time for many having to watch all suffering and hard ship in the world, the grandly people wanting everything for material power, this is now the starting point of changes to come and those around you, you think you cannot see, you will see as soon as they are ready to announce on there arrival of the new era's of life from the universal ends which man can never reach.Will be coming to you quiet soon. the sphere  is all around you and inside you, you will one day discover the full reason to why you are here on earth and what you are to do. Messages from the sources of the Higher life which is beyond your grasp's.


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