15th August 2011 Live Camera Broadcast Big Spirit Healing sitting


It is the first broadcast live for Monday 15th August 2011 Spirit Healing Sitting, viewers online watched the Live sitting taking place, many communication came in from different spirit healers and Doctors etc, it has been a very positive sitting, many are still receiving healing in the world and those on the healing list, Maurice, Jane, Jennie will get worked on during the night, and names of other people I have not mentioned as there are many will also receive further healing in there sleep.
Kutumbu,Tommy, Maisie, Daniel,Edward Garrick and Silas spoke and others spoke or gave silent communication. Vast amounts of strong healing has been a positive step, special messages also was given especially for Jennie who at this time is going through health troubles. Take a look below of the images still shot off the Justin TV recording. adding more pictures to this post also from the other camera
Justin TV live Camera Images:
Video camera Images:


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