17th august 2011 Live Camera broadcast mysterious circle tikiLive

it is the 17th august 2011, first broadcast on another channel using tikilive, so far viewers seen the sitting and heard, Chris sat late with the medium, the down fall is accessing one of the camera recordings is not working right so tomorrow will re check it, the tiki live recording has saved and is on the site however it has a password. It has been a mixed day for the medium, however the spirit team have stated they will get in to working with the new channel,  when Sylvia played what she could of both recordings, the video cam recording had plenty of phenomena the camera gets moved and repositioned to the point even whilst Chris is sitting, the camera is pointing downwards away from the mediums face to the ground must study the footage when she can get it to open up properly on computer. the tiki live has the signs already coming in of the transfiguration that to is a positive, once spirit team are happy with the new channel they will have a field day appearing. watch this space tomorrow for any images that may be added if we can get them off the recordings.

Having major problems loading pictures somethings wrong with the upload will add pictures  sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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