18th August 2011 Live Camera Broadcast Sitting Mysterious Circle

It is the 18th August 2011 the mysterious circle sit for live camera broadcast, everything started off OK until all network went ballistic, transmission went down, which meant the on line recording that should of saved did not however we found out why. Spirit communication came in and a life form of another part of the universe from the planet zarr spoke of the higher technology of advancement they have over ours, they turned the mbps speed to a low level 0.42 then after a few moments of testing out the transmissions they turned it up to a higher level 4.95, it went beyond the network means which it crashed the system to a halt. even the support team was puzzled by it yet know things can rarely happen like this, the video camera still recorded the sitting, many advanced communicators came through, it was a very strong sitting, take a look below at some the images off the recording below, some images contain the mediums higher self which works with the spirit and et. before i forget check the post for 17th august 2011 as the pictures been posted up. tomorrow will broadcast again.  will add more pictures here tomorrow. we are uploading the full video off the video camera so you can see the sitting you missed out on tiki.


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