1st Augast 2011 Big Spirit Healing Experiment mysterious Circle

It is now 1st August 2011, the Big Healing experiment, Chris the circle leader sits with the medium Sylvia, it has been a positive sitting, the only communication was from Tommy the healers only communicated by written text, Chris was given healing, he was warned of being allergic of seeds which trigger off gall or kidney stones to avoid peanuts and strawberries, healing has been given to people on the healing list, you will see in the images below patients ether being brought through in some images by the higher self of medium, spirit healers in chair with medium also and the healing being worked by the spirit healers, as always mentioned some images contain the mediums higher self which works with helping spirit through and other life forms of existence, it has been a very good sitting, many will receive healing in there sleep also tonight. enjoy

Evening Sitting For Healing:


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