21st August 2011 mysterious circle live cam broadcast sitting


it is now the 21st August 2011 the mysterious circle did a test meditation broadcast on Justin tv and also another broadcast on tikilive, the first set of pictures are from tikilive the second lot of pictures are from Justin tv, the spirit team are getting more in connection with tikilive yet show they still work strong even with Justin tv, any broadcast channel or camera put there way they will work with positively and show just how much they can achieve in getting them self seen, not all images are posted this gives an idea just how much effort spirit team and et do to bring through many different forms of life from spirit world and other worlds, take a look below, the saved video recordings are on the broadcast channels, Chris sat for the tikilive broadcast yet not with the Justin tv, on line viewers watched on line.
Tikilive images:
Justin Tv Images:


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