22 nd August 2011 big Spirit Healing experiment live on line camera broadcast


it is the 22nd August 2011 the big Healing experiment sitting with on line viewers present watching, it has not been a great day all round for the medium before sitting, however there are positive results that come in during the healing list reading when the medium sat alone, the seance room became active with bangs, thuds on the webcam microphone plus a sound like a radio being finely tuned then a voice comes in which is not of earth language yet for short spells during the reading of healing list the voice p;ops up, it is not a bird or animal, no interference from any other source all has been checked before and after sitting, whilst the medium was sat with her eyes closed the bang that startled her meditation became halted, she felt to stop, more occurance's happened the light started flickering and other things in and out of seance room was noisy things was being moved.This was visibly seen besides other times things could not be seen yet heard. The medium later on in the evening became very mixed with all emotion which made her then feel was she losing her mind or was she experiencing what she knew she seen and heard occur as she seen and heard, other people can agree or disagree on things unless they experience it for themselves, she will not allow her self to draw back and pretend it was not real, she knows it is and is grateful she had the opportunity to be able whilst awake see and hear all the goings on spirit and et were doing at the time she was wide wake. enjoy what few images have been posted up, sorry for any delays in post.
Tiki live healing list sitting ET transmission occurs:
video cam images for live cam broadcast sitting:


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