23 rd August 2011 Live Cam Broadcast Sitting Mysterious Circle


All week things have been not so good for the medium, there have been many problems happening unexpected, yet she still keeps going forward and not giving up on anything she loves and cares for whether family, friends nature spirit and other life forms of existence. She sat alone via webcam on Justin tv testing things, she was not sure who would be viewing yet carried on, when she finished the sitting and went over the live recording she felt she could not put the recording up for people to see, yet some people did see the live sitting and felt she should post it up as the communication that came in was very valid, so at this time it is being transferred over to tikilive. Before she sat for live sitting she did some test sittings on tikilive using a different camera, the results was positive the vortex can be seen opening up around the medium, and spirit faces to came in, the downside is, the camera needs to be secured a bit more away from any interference, some one said the camera will be good once everything is better away from the bad signal, Sylvia boxed it up the unit for camera and seems a lot better for live cam broadcasting, she will test all camera she has and eventually get more, this is a positive step for the live sittings, at the moment there are no images to view, the video camera recorded nothing as spirit shut it off and the camera had no reason in any other explanation to be closed. Spirit team and ET making preparations as in the next few days things are going to be hectic especially for the 27 th august 2011.



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