28th August 2011 Live Cam broadcast Mysterious Circle


it is Sunday 28th august 2011, mysterious circle sit for live cam broadcast beyond physicalmediumship in light, Chris the circle leader is present and online viewers watching the private sitting. The medium did a 15 min test sitting for meditation before the main sitting, spirit began to appear, on the main sitting not much occurred in spirit appearing on the live cam however there attention became drawn to the video camera, the medium, when not fully relaxed in herself, it can prevent spirit getting through the vortex on the visual level for people to see, which when watching the 15 min sitting you can see exactly how the medium is and spirit and when relaxation gets disrupted the link can be lost, it has been a week of mixed vibrations. Take a look below at the images the medium has to share that has come through of spirit.since i wrote part of this post in advance before looking at the video camera, I now must say why the spirit switched to the camera, lots going on in it, so I have added the pictures from the recording, there are grey images, not still shot those yet, take a peak at what has come out on the film.


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