2nd August 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Spirit Detectives Finding Those Missing Begins

It is a launch of another beginning a start to help those who desperately need to find those who go missing with out a trace or an explanation or a clue, there is never an easy answer to get those people who disappear found. It has recently been brought to mysterious circle that a situation has occurred for some one,  that at this time has brought much sadness in the person's life and it can make a person feel to blame, yet it ain't there fault, when you put trust in another person/s you expect that things will be alright to it's fullest, but when it does not happen you end up feeling a total wreck and especially when you do not get a full clear answer in to what has happened that should not of happened. There may not be any one else to help out when you need some one, you may only have those around you to ask that may not even be related to you, and for what ever reasons we all have no choices to make and have to ask a stranger, a neighbor, anyone for help, you hope that those who say yes will be the right kind of people or person to be there in any time of need. We all have times in our lives we want a break, get away from it all, just have a few moments to our self, and when an opportunity comes up you can, you either go for it, or turn it down. When you have pets and you need some one to watch over your pet/s you can not go any where unless you can leave your pet with some one, or if your pet can go with you that can be good yet it is not always possible. Sadly this person could not take there pet with them, and left there pet with some one the person thought could trust, the downside is, on return from the trip, there is no pet, no explanation to where the pet is how it has gone missing, nothing, so mysterious circle are going to help find this missing pet and get it found, we cannot disclose names at this moment and some information has to be kept private, however what can be shared will, we respect anyone's privacy who sit with the circle or request further help in other matters. Watch this space for this evenings sitting where spirit detectives will begin helping find the missing pet, and if continuation is needed in to the Live camera broadcast for tomorrow, will be added there to for further investigations. Spirit World detectives page

Evening Sitting:
It has been a positive sitting, spirit world art took place, Tommy and Silas spoke however the spirit world detectives are investigating still, no communication as yet this evening came through on the missing pet, Silas said important transmission will be taking place on live camera night, and there will be further communication from those on the outer universe coming in, the spirit world detectives will do there searches, they will not forget, once a lead is in place there communication will come through, so please keep checking the site for updates on this also., take a look below at what happened tonight, the light was controlled by the spirit team and the camera, the higher self of medium works with her allowing in the spirit people and other life forms of existence, many have appeared, there will be more images to still shot, but for now look at these below. And as for the missing pet we are determined to help find it.


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