30th august 2011 mysterious circle sitting beyond physicalmediumship in light


It is the 30th August 2011 the evening sitting for beyond physicalmediumship in light for the mysterious circle. on line viewers and Chris the circle leader watch the medium and communicate with the spirit people, some appeared on the cameras in action, viewers are witnessing more from the spirit and et each time the sittings take place, for a week the medium had a block within the vortex, this has now become cleared, the spirit team have new changes on the way for what is to come in the sittings which will involve the sky and other transmissions of worlds coming in to the live sittings to be witnessed as well as offline sittings. communication of this night was from Reuben smith, Tommy, Silas, and a lady ...details have been  given in the sitting from spirit people of there lives. The video records have in live action as was seen on line the spirit faces appearing, the video camera was a bit dark in the images, however the live cam recordings a lot clearer, take a look below at the images, the cameras you see in the video cam recording images are back up cameras not all was used tonight, only 1 on line cam used and 1 video camera used.
video camera Images pictures too dark:
Live Cam On line Images:


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