7th August 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

It is Sunday 7th August 2011 and the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship in light, chris the circle leader is present with the medium Sylvia. the lighting was not the best tonight which some of the images below may not be bright to see all what was going on, the medium today was instructed to bring in the seance room 2 light bulbs with the boxes and place them on the table, attempts was made from spirit to light up the bulbs, it became a shorter sitting due to spirit reserving energy for Wednesday as they want to use the bulbs on that day instead. there was no communication only from the spirit team on what will be happening for the week, there was no communication from spirit detectives about any new update news on missing pet however it has been made clear this has not ended in investigating further. The medium has to take things easy soon, as warnings was given out to the circle leader she needs a check up at her doctors over something she has been worrying about but has told no one of. Take a look below at the images for this evening sitting.

not long after the sitting finished, this image below appeared on the curtain in the lounge.
is this a spirit face?

Evening Sitting for beyond physicalmediumship in light:


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