It is another new day, 8th August 2011, amixed day, a day of worry for all that is going on in the world, and especially with those going through hell in London and other locations, spiritual healing has been sent out to the world, there is no instant fix or cure to everything, some where along the line things have to stop or change. warnings have been given in the sitting on what is going on and what is to come, healing has also been sent out to everyone on the healing list. It is a sensitive time for many in the world now, peace and love is whats missing, many have no inner love to give to others, those especially of a new era that have no fear or thought in allowing them self to want to give help understanding and love to any other person. It has not been an easy sitting this evening, yet positive healing and prayer and thoughts to all in the world have been equally thought of for all reasons needed, to help make a change bring peace at some stage to stop the hurt that is everywhere, suffering should not happen. Peace is no longer recognizable to some people, yet one day it will be, and to why it is needed, there will be no choice but to accept that the world may need renewal to change, as where it is now too much wrong is taking over and it should not continue in this way. Let us all stop hating and start loving mother earth and look after everyone and any living life on earth, and be grateful we are here rather than waste all the wrong energy killing what is giving us all a place to survive inside.
This is home for everyone, and it should be enjoyed, where and why has all the chaos brought the earthly beings to the masses of destruction in which it is heading, destroying all what you have, you can have a wonderful place and life, most are not receiving this and should, life is precious and should be treasured, you get what chance to make it better or right, you may never get it again.


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