MYsterioUS Circle are aiming for JAMES Randi Challenge Soon


Hi followers, thought we would share some news with you, very soon, mysterious circle will be contacting James randi, and you may already guess why. we aim to go for a challenge, and we aim to succeed in fact we have 100% trust in the spirit and ET and we know what they are capable of. the money is not what it is about for us, it is the showing and sharing that all communication and visual that those from the other side's of life can achieve. so mysterious circle will be working harder than ever to work with as many cameras of all kinds, transmissions, the full works basically and once satisfied that any test randi could come up with on a skeptical level, we will be ready for him. so we will be preparing all experiments every sitting we now do, ready for the big one, we will apply to Randi once spirit team give the word to get it happening. RANDI here we come.
Please show your support those in favour of this.


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