mysterious circle capture ufo/phenomenal light flying around the sun 29th august 2011

Video Clip link:
Every now and then in life some one some where will have a personal experience of some kind, today Sylvia the medium of mysterious circle had her in pure daylight, she went out with family to the tan hill and was looking around, she glimpsed something in the sky, a planes trail so felt a need to film it with her mobile phone, at the time of filming it she was not immediately aware of what was above her head near the sun flying around it and away from it, this she managed to get on the recording, it is unusual phenomena and yet could be a type of UFO light, this is no reflection nor photo shop, witnesses was about at the time of filming check the saved recording by clicking the link above to view. Whilst the UFO light is moving around and away from the sun, a large pink head face appears, and sometimes face appearances appear in the UFO phenomenal light also, you be the judge.Look at the pictures above how this moves around and what you see.


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