MYsterioUS Circle takes no Crap from no one

Hi viewers to the site, it has been brought to the mysterious circle on remarks of the medium how she sits being in another person's opinion something that can easily be recreated, for those who have witnessed the sittings live on camera broadcasts via the world have seen the spirit and ET appearing and all the changes taking place continuous, the VORTEX which is NOT ECTOPLASM works differently to anything you can ever imagine, there may be psychic photographers, however this is not even spirit photography yet some one has said it is and can be re produced by skeptics, I would love to see anyone try reproduce this type of mediumship which is not Psychic photography, nor Physicalmediumship, it has been said many times it is beyond Physicalmediumship and comes under another name in which the circle cannot release to public until the Spirit team say we can. a certain person also thinks dark mediums can do what the mysterious circle are doing, oh I would love to see how because we work in all conditions even broad daylight, we need no cabinet, nor trumpets, the person also seems to think we are not giving any spirit evidence, if we are not doing this then what are we doing?  You can make excuses of those who work with ectoplasm and the dark, you can fool anyone sitting in the dark, you can charge heavy fees for sitting in the dark, show your claims of mediumship even if you have to use a night vision camera, show the spirit what is coming in if you have them, spirit are not limited to a dark space nor anything, they will appear any where they wish, all the history and corruption in making the public believe it has to be darkness for mediums is a load of crap, i would not waste my time funding money in to a dark room to get a message from some one i once knew, i want to at least get more than just a voice, any one could get out there chair in the dark pretending to be a spirit, so before you throw bullets at me and what I do think again, because i will take you all on, i have nothing to hide from no one. And i am not in it for the money either, i respect the spirit people, i should not have to charge a fee to be able to talk to my own mother, i never did when she was alive, shame on those who have no consciousness when it comes to the word respect and dignity for those on the other side. At least the mysterious circle do care about people who are hurting over some one's death, we make people aware not to sit till they are strong in mind body and spirit, and never to feed any medium or person with personal information so they can re use it in a reading which many fakes do. the afterlife is real and so is spirit people, it not a joke, it not a game, and it certainly is not a playground for others amusement and take others for a ride. when we sit, it is dedication, and there is no rule how often we sit, we enjoy sitting, and we enjoy helping others when we can. I aint gonna take this competition of comparing off no one, the afterlife should not be of that. Those who have a gift deserve something good, those who fake need to be cleared, simple as, prove your claims if you got it lets see it for what it really is.

She may be an excellent medium ... but my website is about the OBJECTIVE and REPEATABLE EVIDENCE for the afterlife.

You have to understand this: I deal with a lot of skeptics - and they tell me what Sylvia can show WE CAN SHOW ALSO.
That is why, in the last 21 years I have never shown spirit-photography - because skeptics can produce EXACTLY what spirit photography produces.
I have absolutely nothing against Sylvia - but I deal with repeatability and objectivity to prove the afterlife. Skeptics would try to crucify me if I show anything that they can do themselves.
Everything I do with David Thompson is objective and repeatable - that is why skeptics don't have the fortitude to take me on regareding materializations.


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