NASA SPOTS UFO IN HURRICANE IRENE, this was given in advance to mysterious circle this will happen


it is now the 27th august 2011, so far up to now The ET prophecy is spot on, the big one yet to arrive any time from now in to 21:00 pm hours, they already have been sighted so far, and even though the trigger of there arrival is causing unusual disasters in the world, it is now an high alert what is to come next, those who follow mysterious circle and have witnessed the sittings and heard for them selves dates times months and exactly what coming and how it happens will know for themselves it is real not a hoax, all sittings have the evidence saved and kept safe to prove for future what occurred in the sittings and when.
mysterious circle was not aware fox news put a announcement up on the news very recently, a friend who is a regular sitter sent the link of what is coming, as it been said in advance before the news announcement, nasa was looking for the hurricane irene and spotted the ufo within it in space, this was given already before any news tv, in the sitting's in advance, look at the news link here.


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