Special Sitting tonight for mysterious circle

This evening will be a sitting with a difference, the mysterious circle plan to sit outside and work with the ET beyond the skies, there may be people who are skeptics or feel unconvinced on this form of mediumship the mysterious circle are about beyond all levels and form of mediumship, this is not an ego thing either, soon you will eat your own words, what impossibilities further are on the way from the ET and spirit people them selves. We welcome all skeptic and negative views, spirit and ET love a challenge and will take it on with out any hesitation. we would love to see any one re create what appears on live camera, that will be something else, it may appear easy getting anything on a camera to you, why don't you sit in front of it and let us know what you get, would love to see the results, like we say, it is the VORTEX in the medium that is special, it is not all about cameras. May be you would run if they allow you see what appears coming out of her face on in her presence I think you would not be so quick to judge the medium seeing it in her presence.


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