Spirit detectives Update on Missing pet


Spirit have a way of guiding people to things unexpectedly and today the medium Sylvia was guided to something that was quiet upsetting yet could be a key to the missing dog , Spirit said in a previous sitting that the missing dog is in water, however the owner of the dog has been alerted to keep an open mind not to worry or panic yet to double check her dog has not ended up in the wrong hands else where, it has been said, the dog seems to be nearer home. there is a possibility the missing dog could be in any situation, though spirit detectives are strong on the case very much and still feel the dog is in water near home, this is where the medium was guided to, not sure why, yet it is a strong case that dogs are being kidnapped in the world and being cruelty used for another means. it does not mean the missing dog is there in what you will see in the news clip though we still have to keep an open mind. And it also is a warning to other pet owners to monitor there pets closely to prevent this happening to them.

Thousands Of Dogs Saved From Dinner Table



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