Up date on Spirit World Detectives Missing Pet MYsterioUS Circle

On the 3rd & 4th August 2011 the mysterious circle sat for Live Camera and usual sitting the following day, Spirit world art came through on the  live camera evening and on the 4th august a animal appears over the mediums head which resembles a dog. Very Recently the mysterious circle who has been doing Spirit World detective sittings to help find a missing pet for an owner who went away and came home to a missing pet with no clear reason to how or where the pet is devastated her greatly, the owner of the dog, received from spirit the 2 pictures that the spirit world artist and spirit detectives brought through for her in the sittings, the owner seen the pictures and is amazed how the pictures resemble the dog she is trying to find.
this is a start in confirming evidential the dog is seen by the spirit team, they are aware of the dog, and what information on the dog where about that has been given by them, is now going in to a search shortly in to where the dog is located, so now it is time to keep working with the missing dog and look where the spirit team have instructed, we will keep you up dated on the results.

Spirit world art from pablo the artist in spirit completed the picture for the pet owner of this dog who has confirmed looks like her dog that missing

4th August 2011 dog appears over the front of medium head, dog owner and another person with her see this dog and are amazed, spirit detectives have given a description where the dog is


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