15th september 2011 mysterious circle sitting for meditation live cam broadcast


15th September 2011 mysterious circle sitting for meditation
it is another day a day Sylvia will not forget, she sits alone and things happen, the distraction became too much that the sitting was getting more difficult to get in to, as those who made some noise in the room was alerting her there was a problem, and a good job she took notice because there was, it did not stop the ET and spirit appearing at times, it has been a wonder all in itself just how much occurred in a short space of time, 3 camera was recording, 2 live cams on line and 1 video camera, amazing results came through on all 3, there more images still to add, yet take a look below what has come through.
the most amazing part was this, on the live recording a flash of ET transmission picture came in, Sylvia was sat in light yet the et Light showing red and white appear in a pitch black picture, this is a marvellous achievement for them to share, take a look below.
ET Transmission from there world showing here


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