16th September 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Important Announcement


hi regulars to the mysterious circle site, we appreciate those of you who have been supporting the circle for quite some time now, however we have noticed in an outstandingly way, something has changed and in all efforts spirit team have been accomplishing, they have noticed something very wrong has been going on in the public side of things, and they do not like what they have been observing,spirit team and ET feel uncomfortable at this time having any live camera on the net as there is a very strong deception going on, names will not be mentioned yet they know exactly who the people are, so watch out. since the 15 th September 2011 the medium has been advised strongly that any sittings must strictly now be kept from public as there is a new avenue opening up for her and what is to come she can not be put in any situation which could cause her any further problems from the public eye, she needs to keep working alone with her spirit team as much as possible until she is able to go back on live camera again. This is an important leap a big step in what advancements the Spirit Team are going to do next, and it will not be like anything else seen or done before, so until live camera can be returned sit and wait, there may be the odd post of sittings posted up on the site of the sittings, nothing live though.
if you enjoy the mysterious circle please let them know your thoughts on what you have witnessed and experienced.
Thank you
Mysterious Circle


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