17th september 2011 mysterious circle evening sitting ET speak and spirit appear


Wow what an amazing meditation sitting the mysterious circle had this evening for the 17th September 2011, the ET brought through more communication and began appearing and spirit over the medium during a healing session also, it is a remarkable achievement the other life forms of existence are doing more in advanced levels, the medium sat with 2 different cameras and recorded the sitting, it has been a very positive result, when the spirit team allow the live camera sittings back on line, you will have to be ready in mind body and spirit to be able to handle the direct voice communications as well as telecommunication and what you see with your own eye's. the images have been uploaded for you to see below, take a good look at each one.
Camera 1 Images:
In camera 1 a lot of healing here, you can see is being given out, the spirit team worked with the medium, at times the mediums arms and hands even head get to a point of fading away or looking gone, some faces appear over in front of mediums,since this post was put up I had to add this message to it,some people may think if the medium moves it may give an appearance that things appear that way because of a camera and movement, if that is the case on movement and camera on a stand, would that be a question mark for anyone's camera's, steady camera's do not usually just pick up this kind of phenomena, and you do have to know your camera's,what it is capable of or not, we do not use any effects, no camera tricks, no software, no Photoshop, the images appear as they are, mysterious circle do look at other explanations in there sittings to eliminate any other causes that could be a cause for something to happen, the medium has always worked honestly in her sittings, she has gone to many lengths in sitting in different rooms, places, and using different camera's, changed as much as she has to show public which ever way she sits it will not stop the spirit or et any life form of existence coming through and achieving there positive appearances. Sceptics can say that they could do this and maybe they can, you can not reproduce or re create these sittings, A CAMERA IS NOT ALWAYS NEEDED for the medium to show this kind of sitting, those who will have there doubts are entitled to believe or disbelieve you have free will and you have the right to your own opinion, mysterious circle are not here to convert anyone, we are here to show and share the work that comes in from other life forms of existence, so those of you who have no positive thoughts yet feel this is not for you, then please walk away now and do not return to this site, go else where and seek something that is more you. ET and other life forms of existence to you may or may not be real, but I can assure you they are, and by our own personal experiences, there is no doubt on that from our part here what we know to be true and real, for all you know you may actually be talking to one right now.
Camera 2 images:


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