18 th September 2011 Mysterious Circle meditation Sitting


It is now 18th September 2011, the weeks are flying by already and soon it will be autumn, the signs of early dark nights and mornings are already showing here.  this evening the medium sat alone for meditation, it did not last long say about just under 30 minutes, the original plan was to astral once in meditation yet signs around the medium was preventing it to happen, and a good job to she stopped when she did as a military air craft flew very low over the house, she nearly had a heart failure it was that low, the evening has been suddenly busy with military plane which is very unusual, any how take a look at the images below of what spirit have managed to achieve for this short sitting.
Images for Meditation sitting:
The first lot of images on camera one was a build up of vortex appearing around mediums face, the second lot of images from camera 2 faces begin to appear.some images in camera 2 contain the mediums higher self who works with other life forms of existence helping them to appear.


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