1st September 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experment


On the 1st September 2011 the medium of the mysterious circle was going through a very sensitive week, things was very mixed up, which she in her self felt something was not right and even though on this day she felt not to sit Chris the circle leader insisted she try and sit, this sitting started yet immediately stopped before 30 minutes, it is OK some one saying sit and they will be there to give positive energy, yet what happened the medium could not get relaxed even when she shut her eyes, it turned out her awareness picked up on Chris the circle leader, he was sleeping in his chair, so in an abrupt moment the sitting ended, the spirit team knew he should not of sat and said to him before sitting not to sit as he worked a long day, he insisted he wanted to sit and enjoyed sitting, this did the circle no good, Sylvia felt she should of gone and sat alone, any how that day has been and gone yet take a look at a few pictures from the video recording in what happened before the sitting got stopped. Some images contain the mediums higher self which works with the spirit and other life forms of existence helping them through the vortex.
images in Old Seance room downstairs:


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