23rd September 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Energizer Sitting


it has been a positive short sitting for mysterious circle for the  2 rd September 2011 until Sunday, the medium sat alone to adjust to the new seance room again and to be energized, as this is a need to build for the autumn and winter months to work with other life forms of existence that enjoy working in these conditions with the medium besides those who enjoy working with the medium in spring and summer time. The ET and Spirit team was testing out the conditions in the room and bringing in there faces and other phenomena's also, the medium did not trance, mainly sat following guidance by them, it has been a good 30 minute recharge, and working the vortex gradual getting it ready for the new changes to come. take a look below at the images that came through this evening.
Test sitting Images, energizing the medium and bringing in the Spirit & ET faces:


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