24th september 2011 energizing meditation healing sitting mysterious circle


it is Saturday, a day the mysterious circle do not sit, however the medium was called to go privately to the new seance room upstairs, sit in the cabinet and film with 3 camera's, by the way not all pictures are posted, she sat before sitting with portany circle, to charge up the vortex and get a full healing cleanse during the meditation, she tested blog.tv live stream for the short sitting also, public gained access to the sitting. it has been a positive sitting for the 30 minute's yet worth it, at times the medium felt an over powering sickness as though wanting to vomit during the healing, being energized by the spirit team and ET, she is getting stronger,you will see in the images below just how much has gone in to this energizing tonight and the  faces that come through some images that was helping the medium through the process, will add the other pictures tomorrow.


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