25th September 2011 MYsterioUS Circle sitting Via Live Cam Broadcast Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light


it is Sunday 25th September 2011, mysterious circle sit via live cam, this time filming live on 2 different channels at the same time, 2 camera filmed live on line recording as well as broadcasting, the 3rd camera a video camera, filming from back of seance room. the sitting started a bit earlier than the planned scheduled time, the reason for this was the medium intended to relax meditate and allow the deeper trance state to emerge. The medium has had to sit with out Chris, as this is a very crucial point on the serious work the spirit team, ET and other life forms of existence need to continue positive results to appear. the sitting lasted over an hour, at this time 179 images have been added to this post, the 3rd camera has not been checked yet so obviously those pictures have not been added yet. the medium felt a very strong connection with the spirit team and other life forms of existence, she managed to relax more, her energizing each day has done her a lot of good that the ET gave her, take a look below at the images of the spirit faces appearing and the other phenomena in relation to energizing and healing, the medium also has requested and has asked the healing team to help Wayne who at this time very ill, kutumbu is working at this time still with other spirit doctors and surgeons to help him through his ill health. Will keep you updated on how he is. October will be here soon, this will be a month of many spiritual awakenings to come the circle is looking forward to it. Positive healing thoughts have been given out to the world, the healing sitting takes place Monday this will be a very important sitting for many.
To watch the video.for camera 3 click this link, you will need to view with internet explorer
camera 3 images:
some of the transmission images on the video camera the spirit team brought in, this is no camera trick or effect, this is real.
Camera 1 images:
Camera 2 images:


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