26th september 2011 special Healing sitting mysterious Circle


today has been a mixed day yet a good one all round for the 26th September 2011, the mysterious circle sit live via 2 channels 2 live camera's and one video camera, 3 camera 2 recorded, one did not as the medium forgot to click the record button, so tonight on this post there are images from 2 camera's. Chris sat with the medium for the healing sitting tonight, he did opening and closing prayer and communicated with the different spirit people that came through the medium and around her. the video camera picked up lots of faces and there are still more to still shot, the private live cam channel picked up phenomena also and some faces. The healing was special, Wayne was mentioned as a urgent need and things was said about him and his condition, other patients also was mentioned, the healing list did not get read out as the medium forgot to print it off and place in the room, however the spirit healers made Chris and viewers aware they are aware of the people they are going to help. take a look below at the images below for tonight's sitting.
video Camera images:
camera 1 images:


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