27th September 2011 MYsterioUS Circle sitting Via Live Cam Broadcast Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light


it is the 27th September 2011, mysterious circle sit for live cam, on line viewers watch the sitting, however the medium discovers the whole computer shut off when she comes round out of trance state. the video Camera recorded the full sitting, the other 2 camera still recorded and saved the sitting. Will be replaying the saved sitting again if not tonight it will be tomorrow. Chris did not sit with Sylvia, he sat in the old seance room downstairs adjusting to shutting his mind off to be able to work with his mediumship. It has been a remarkable night, the medium has not played back any video yet, will though still shot images and re broadcast the saved sitting. take a look below at the images that are from the saved recordings below. adding more pictures as I find them.camera 2 Did not save the recording.
there are tonnes of immages can not post them all, enjoy what is here below, those who seen this sitting will know just how much effort and hard work from the other life forms of existence it took to transmit them self  and there world in to the sitting.
Video camera images:
Camera 1 images:


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