28th September 2011 Live Cam broadcast Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light

today for the 28th September 2011 the mysterious Circle sit for Beyond Physicalmediumship in light, originally Chris was going to sit, however due to negative manner disruption in the room he was sent on his way, this was not a good energy to have in the sitting, medium sat in the room a lone with the on line viewers watching from 2 different channels at the same time, 3 camera's are recording the sitting. people are coming forward for requests asking of there loved one's these questions will be a priority when the sittings take place, it will be important that all questions that can be asked and answered will be special for many people over the world to get direct communication and see there loved one in the live sitting's. Sylvia will be working on a solution to doing more in helping as many people in the world especially those who can not travel, to still get direct communication in a live on line sitting. the doors may have been a secret for many years being closed, now they are widening up and opening for the world to see the wonderful sittings in light live, Sylvia will be checking all the saved recordings adding the pictures and replaying the sittings for those who missed it or just want to see them again, all images from the recordings will be added here tonight and tomorrow.enjoy what we have on line now.the Video camera has lots surprises on it, this is a must see.camera 1 some pictures are below, still need to add more.

Video Camera images:

Camera 1 images:
this is not ectoplasm in camera 2, mediums shawl around her kneck

Camera 2 images:


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