30th September 2011 Beyond Physicalmediumship in Light Live Cam Broadcast Sitting Mysterious Circle


wow what a evening for 30th September 2011, mysterious circle sits via Live Cam broadcast, 3 camera recording the sitting and for the results here to show are amazing, the ET other Life forms of existence have transmitted there world and them self via the seance room on to Video camera, Camera 2 the ET substance appears from Sylvia and camera 1 has not been checked yet, will look at that tomorrow. Chris did not sit as he was due visitors. the ET, Spirit and other life forms of existence do the impossible playing there world with ours at the same time and getting it visible to see on recordings and the BIG one to come once everything is in place, take a look at video camera images these are a race of ET highly evolved that some day you will get to meet face to face yourself here on earth.
More images to be added tomorrow.
Camera 2 Images:
Video Camera Images:
Camera 1 images:


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