5th septmber 2011 Live Cam broadcast spirit healing sitting mysterious circle


it is Monday 5th September 2011 spirit healing, on line viewers watched the live sitting in private, Chris the circle leader is present also with the medium, it has been a very positive sitting, communications came through and spirit also came through in appearance a doctor spoke of a patient who is due surgery on 6th September and made himself aware of his concerns and how he will be there helping this person through the risky operation, the identity of the patient is anonymous those who know of this person will know already what has been said from the spirit doctor, healing has been also sent out through out the world and to all people on the healing list, for those who have not watched the saved recording it is available now, those who would like to sit to witness these live sittings need to ask the medium for the access code and before code is given out communication is important, take a look below of the images from the live on line sitting.
Live online broadcast Justin.TV Images:


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