6th September 2011 live Cam broadcast big Spirit Experiment Mysterious Circle


it is the 6th september 2011 the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship live on cam, on line viewers watch the live action of spirit communication and the vortex bringing through the faces of other life forms of existance, spirit world art was also completed, the medium was blind folded whilst the art took place, special messages came through during communication, plus good news came in over a patient who has gone through an operation, the medium was alerted by a friend of the patient that all as said is positive and the spirit doctor Jones has been seen by the patient, this has been a real good sitting, many viewers look forward to the sittings for the communications that have come in from spirit and ET has been confirmed a positive evidential. please enjoy the pictures below, will add the spirit world art soon.
Still shot images from the live broadcast at Justin.Tv:


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