6th september 2011 Wow take a look at these Flying in the dales Low, mysterious circle


Hi what a surprise it has been in the morning whilst out walking, Sylvia got a rare opportunity and good she had her mobile phone to film it, flying very low almost near ground level aircraft, now the part1 video clip is past a river and the craft at the front is not a helicopter a different shape, yet the one flying at the back is a military helicopter, now in part 2 video clip Sylvia walked a bit further up the road and say about within 5 minutes on the opposite side of the road 2 military helicopters fly by low to nearly ground level in dales, now military will fly anywhere in the country yet this felt different this morning looked different like something was happening in an unusual way, the craft that was in front of the helicopter I can not name it, it could be military yet not seen anything like it before was something mega, was a real good morning for Sylvia to witness that, As the day went on, something was happening in a very unusual way, the dales can have craft flying over, yet today was more than usual, all day constant sittings of military craft and at 4:15 pm the surprise came, behind a military craft in the blue sky a UFO craft can be seen, unfortunately was unable to get it on camera recording timing was wrong, when you find yourself caught up in something else at the wrong time and no camera near by yet you see what you see, it becomes a frustrating moment, will be keeping a close eye out for any more unusual activity in the sky.take a look at the clips below there is also a clip 3.


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