7th September 2011 Meditation sitting in morning the ET and Light work the medium


it is the 7th September 2011, a peaceful morning and a surprising one, Sylvia spends some time alone sitting for meditation in the lounge, all curtains are closed and no bright lights reflecting in at this time, once she started sitting and recording the meditation, the room became an intense light coming in around yet her face is visible, even though this intense light of et appears, instruction from the spirit team is to sit with the camera to her side, her face becomes a blue green colour whilst the intense light is white and bright, the mediums face transfigure and et work there faces in to, take a look below at the images that show the changes in facial structure and appearance of medium and how the light alters and works with her, she got a total recharge too from the ET light.
Part1 images:
part2 images:


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