8th September 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Meditation Sitting ET Speak In Own Direct Voice


it is the 8th September 2011, this morning the medium sat for beyond physicalmediumship meditation in the lounge, Chris and children not home, medium alone, all TV is off there is no other sounds on in the house it is lovely and peaceful, and a good time for a sitting. during the meditation sitting the medium spoke at the beginning yet closed her eyes for meditation and experienced things happening, intense light appeared at times and voices. Not allowing herself to wake she tried holding on to the connection with her spirit team and ET, it was a sitting she will not forget, this was recorded live on Justin. TV, transmitting in to the meditation sitting clearly heard are ET in there own language speaking to each other, you can hear there transmitters besides there voice, they speak over the medium and they speak when she is sat quietly with her eyes closed. This has been an extraordinary time and those who think they can decipher this language may not find it easy. This has come from another place in the universe different to any language on planet earth.This is not interference, not effects, not made up, this is real, and it had the medium in tears. This is an important message from the ET.
Will up date this evenings sitting tomorrow the medium has had to go to bed


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