Hurricane to Hit UK our message to you mysterious circle


It is not good when you get news about a weather or disaster that can cause serious problems, I write this post in advance, where ever you are in the world, you will experience things in weather and natural disasters that you may never of had before, this is a turning point in the way the changes in climate are altering, and some changes have been caused by man own doing in interfering with the needs mother earth relies on for it's resources to balance, digging for oil, drilling for other things coal, gold, diamonds whatever it may be can alter over a period of years the structure of plates in the earth and what hit's at the wrong time can create splitting in the earth where the cracks then escalate to a weaker point then the volcano or earth quakes can be triggered, other disasters that come from the sea or sky are other complications that are in the sky in space that can interfere with the atmosphere and it is not all about pollution, the more man wants to create to gain power and money and control, all that becomes in the riches will eventually reap what is sewn, it can be a nice feeling achieving something and owning a treasure, yet at what cost doe's it get to when it starts to affect the planet we all live on. Bombs or any kind of weapon are no good either for the planet, the more artificial dangerous chemicals being used plays it's role in spoiling nature where animals or any form of nature in the world can be brought to a risk of extinction, if we as people do not take control of our lives and how we live it, we as people will end up one day regretting what could of been done to prevent further devastations in the world, it is important we all look after the planet and each other, as at this time where else can you go and live once this planet could end up in a major mess where oxygen could one day be not as easy to gain naturally, there may have to be artificial systems created to help populations breath because there may not be enough tree's or other things we need on the planet to help us all may be working on getting a planet in space ready for people from earth to live on, yet that is not something you can just do, people have to be able to adapt and be able to breath and not all planets are like earth they are very different and can not just be lived on by anyone, think of what you would like to be positively happening on earth and what you can do to keep your part in helping it balance, the more people who do there part will help this planet a lot, do not encourage or get involved in anger, war, violence, try to keep away from it, love is what this world needs and it is not getting enough of it, there is too much hatred, make a difference make a positive change.
Take care look out for each other, and if the hurricane hits your town, keep safe try not to go out, have a back up plan, think a head before it hits what you can do to keep safe, if you have power cuts, no phone, keep the most important things near you have torches, food drink, warm blankets etc. flasks handy if things could be bad, check your house outside look at where tree's are any cables and anything that could fall down, try to avoid being near anything dangerous, any concerns get some one to help you move things that can be moved out the way to prevent any destruction on property or you as a person, your life is most important,keep doorways easy to get in and out of and anything in your home that can cause obstructions or easily fall on you make it safer, always let others like family friends know where you are or team up together so your together. Keep safe, if for any reason the hurricane hits us where we are if we lose phone line or anything, this could only be a reason why we ourselves can not get on line to up date this site or anything else.We care about you and love you all, peace be with you.
love n Light to you all
MYsterioUS Circle


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