It is the 2nd September 2011 and the mysterious circle has been making some very important changes to the sittings, the site here has been temporarily set private till the decision had been made what was to occur next, September is a very important month for changes coming for the circle, and when the circle sits no negativity, disharmony is something they want from outsiders however they welcome it as it helps the ET and spirit work on the points some one some where may want to speculate or jusdge in any kind of way even from a skeptic, it doe's not matter how much a person can go to lengths to prove or not prove something, nothing is enough for some people, yet now the mysterious circle are releasing footage to the public to see for themselves in live action what is happening with the mysterious circle in the sittings, they have had to put warning signs up for months and still do about anything they look at whether picture, video or seeing the sittings live that they must be prepared in mind body and spirit to be able to handle this form of sittings in light, and they have stressed on numerous occasions this is not physicalmediumship, this is not psychic photography, it is uncategorised and is under a name that can not be yet released to public, this is a very rare gift the medium has in which she brought with her in birth, technology on earth may be confusing people in what is real and what is fake as things may have advanced, yet those who know the mysterious circle and have the equipment to test anything on a video or picture has so far been said there is no way these images or video or live sittings can be re produced or done, it may look easy to some people to sit like the medium, it is not, those who have camera's try it sit there see what happens would be great who can achieve this. mysterious Circle are not here to make anyone believe or disbelieve in the sittings, however the circle know by the time and dedication of most days of the week the connection with all life forms of existance has been a real dedication and very soon the circle will be working directly in a more stronger way with the ET and the sky, a  taster of the ET that brought to the medium UFO light going around the sun, this was no reflection or camera tricks OR effects, it appeared how it arrived, the time is coming to do more to help those people in the world who are worthy of true help, those who walk the planet now as this message is being written are paying there visits to many all over the world either by UFO or personaly in the ET forms and it is not how they look as you may think by a film, they are who they are as they are, and not all what you think they appear to be. Enjoy life while you can, make the best of it, do not waste it on money and material gain. Life aint about this power ego control, you can yes be anything you want to be yet the reality that is really around you, you are blinded to, and all you can see at this time is the corruption, control, anger, violence, evil, hate, power, money etc People are losing there way in what they really are and what this life is really all about.
For a few days now the circle has not sat, yet soon they will be back sitting again, untill then keep checking the site for updates.
Mysterious Circle


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