11th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Meditation sitting Visitors from other worlds


it is the 11th October 2011 and Sylvia  sits in the seance room for meditation, during this time 2 camera are filming and recording the sitting much amazing things take place, as all of this month has been brought many transmissions from Spirit world and ET an d other life forms of existence in to the seance room, the forms that appear and things shared are becoming more clearer and stronger each time the sittings take place, Sylvia has had a good break and rest over the week taking things steady and is now back in full swing sitting again. there will always be a sceptic who will want to contradict or put there opinion on these images, video or even live cam as live, those who have not sat face to face what occurs in these sittings should not judge because when a person has never sat with some one and may speculate assumptions, they can not bring a person down unless proven other wise, there will be a day Sylvia will go outside or in doors any where and those who have never been able to see spirit with there eyes, will, this day is coming for the public face to face of everything you see in these images appear direct to people, and when Sylvia is ready to allow it public for all to see directly face to face which is not live cam based, you will then be able to judge for your self what you want during the time it occurs. till then, enjoy what is being shared here in the posts, on the saved recordings and the live as live broadcasts on cam. take a look at what came through this morning.


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