14th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light


It is Friday 14th October 2011 and it is a positive evening to sit, Sylvia sits alone with the spirit around her and enjoyed what they had to share, more than one spirit appears in a group in which you will see in the images below, still shots from the saved live recording, it has been an evening that would of been wonderful even more if the medium could have sat longer, yet due to instruction from the spirit team, a lot needs to be prepared for Halloween as this is an important time the spirit team and other life forms of existence wish to prepare for and they want the medium to take things steady till then. as you will see in the images below the medium sat in the old seance room, a room that is a lovely place, all places the medium has sat has given lovely calm inner peace, the medium will be replaying back the saved sitting to listen for any phenomena or direct voice, enjoy viewing the pictures below. the amazing worlds to the spirit and ET have to show.
Video camera Images:
camera 2 & Video camera images:


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